I'll be going to Stockholm Thursday and Friday. To participate in a meeting. I have to get up at 4 am Thursday morning, because the train leaves at 5.42 and since I have a number of routines I need to follow................. I think you can imagine the scenario.

I normally book me in at Scandic, but ever since they became a part of the Hilton empire, the standard has decreased to a level lower than the basement.

I think it's the lowest of the lowest to leave just 1 bath towel for a female guest.
I think it's even lower to remove moisters and other such stuffs that can make a womans day smell good.

Even the coffee machine has been removed.

And they've cut down on the numbers of TV-channels. Not that I watch TV but I think it's a human right to have access to at least the possibility to choose.

And constantly I am being reminded to pay attention to the protection of the environment by using my wet towel again.

I rather stay on private owned hotels or - as in this week - at SAS Radisson, which is less expensive, but also less low.
Another good thing about this is, that I won't jump into colleagues who I most desperately try to avoid in the lift, in the lobby or when I digest my breakfast. Because it feels like being under constant survaillance. Not that I have anything to hide, but honestly. You don't choose your colleagues yourself - the boss does. And the boss also experience crazy days.

Please take a look at my desk. I am sure you understand my saying........


Christopher Raun Leth said...

Aren't you a bit choosy :-) Honestly, I know the feeling about hotels without standards. Normally I pay myself so I can't afford to be too choosy, but it can get too low even for me. Normally it isn't the standard of the bathroom that bothers me, the standard of the breakfast on the other hand is of importance to me as is the noice level at night. Good choice to stay at a hotel away from your colleagues. Then you don't have to socialize too much with them:-) (or rather you can choose who to be nice to).

Christopher Raun Leth said...

BTW have I told you about the hotel in Turkey with cockroaches in the bed and a nice wake-up call at 5 o'clock from a couple of goats in the backyard? Needless to say that we only stayed one night there.