The last day of the Year

New Years Eve!

Best day of the year!

A day for reflections over the year we're leaving and for wishes for the new year.

- Often when sitting at my balcony in the dark, I see shooting stars. I wish for something. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. A shooting star is a sign. Every evening I can see the planet of Venus shining. That's a sign too. Venus is the Planet of Fortune. Wishes for the future are often just wishes. To make them come true you need to be active. Ask the stars for help and they will guide you.


Posted by Asta


Myspace at Facebook

Read in the morning paper that UK band Gorillaz has 682872 friends (sixhundredeightytwothousandeighthundredandseventytwo) on Myspace. Wow! - THAT is a lot of friends!

- I have 100 friends - all of them (except for 1) are bands, artists and festivals, so there's not so much friendship in these contacts. Though I do get some very nice comments and greetings from some of the artists on a regular basis.

Myspace is an interesting site. It's being presented as a social network. - Can be interpreted as you like. It's being used by artists to promote themselves. It allows them to have a closer contact with their fans. On the surface. Cause it is a one-way communication. It's not a dialogue. How would they be able to manage it anyway? - They would need an army of people doing nothing else but communicate with fans. Not very likely, but certainly very popular-:)!

Apart from this Myspace is out-dated and old fashioned. There're a lot of restrictions etc. Facebook as application is better and more user friendly. Nicer layout etc.

Then why am I on Myspace? - Because I get the information I need directly from the source via bulletins and blogs. And - it gives me the ability to actually hear the music I like. That's less possible without Myspace or Facebook or YouTube. Because public radio and MTV has been taken over by pop and hip-hop, and good old metal has vanished from the air.

Do I like Myspace? - .......... .............?



First day back at work after the holidays. Still have a MEGA cold, feeling very sorry for myself. Was waiting for someone to pitty me and send me home. Unfortunately there's been some miss in my calculation. I'm the only one around.
Anyway it was nice to be back. Though the number of emails received is out of proportions. Perhaps I made a mistake there as well, because I think I forgot to switch on the Out of Office Assistant........ Which resulted in a large number of pushy mails such as

- Hello, are you there?

- Why are you not answering me?

- Your phone is switched off. Why is that?

- Please call me!

- You didn't call me back. Now it's rather urgent!

On the other hand I also received a lot of last minute christmas offers from all sorts of companies. - For instans Debenham offers me a 50% discount on the shoes I've been looking for ............. SPAM!! - I wonder why anyone would even consider to send last minute christmas offers to a mailing list of people (read women) who most likely already are in their private space, thinking food and sweets only, 2 days before christmas!?!

All in all spent most of my working day on reading out-dated emails, getting some sort of order in the chaos. I wonder why people use email as chat? - As if I was some sort of personal adviser who automatically converte all your question marks into exclamation


The jungle

Today I feel sorry for myself. I have a cold. My nose is running. My head feels twice as big as yesterday. I look and feel like stew from last year.

I got the advice to drink a glas of whisky. Too bad I don't like whisky. The only time I tasted whisky, it took me 2 hours to catch my breath again.

Last night we were invited to dinner with Freddies family.

It's interesting to see the difference between families. Freddies family is a very functional family. They respect each other. They're all very down to earth without any weird ideas about themselves or others.
My family is a bit different. I think it has to do with genes. From my side of the family, we have inherited darkness. We are not dis-functional, but we have the darkness inside of us that forces us to question ourselves endlessly. We're never quite satisfied with ourselves. We doubt ourselves. We seek for perfection. Which is a burden.

We are the "pefect" people. We are very modest and low profiled people. We don't speak our minds out loudly. If someone gives us a black eye, we apologize.

We are very well aware of the psycological mecanisms in our behaviour. We know the answers to why, how and when. Still we are what we are. It all goes back to the gifts that you got in your cradle. We are the truth. Everything else is just imitation.


Crap and happiness

TV is a device that helps people who can't entertain themselves to look at other disabled people.

You get entertained by people in your bedroom that you would never invite into your home.

There you are with your nice little family, sitting in front of the flat screen altar that you bought on sale last summer, drinking coffee and eating homebaked cakes, watching complete strangers having a booze party, complaining over the lack of taste in displaying such abhorrent pictures just when you want to relax.

You complain about the colour of the tie that the TV host's wearing. While your bum's getting bigger and bigger and your head smaller and smaller.

Doubble moral is better than no moral.

Are you happy, by the way?

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Straight from the heart

Sitting here listening to one of my favorite albums while reading Miss Moccas blog. She reflects over a lot of things that's been happening to her during her life. I like reading Miss Moccas blog, because what she writes comes from her heart. She's being very honest. And that's cool. Not many people dares to write straight from their heart, including myself.

When we're small children we're being honest and pretty much speak our minds. But the older we get, the more we are being taught to keep a low profile. By parents and by teachers. It's not comme il faut to be honest. We learn to get around the truth and wrap our words into nice gifts with sweet words. Why?

We're supposed to fit into the norms that society decided are right. It's okay to have a personality, as long as it doesn't differ too much from societys personality norms.

Miss Mocca has ADHD. Lots of people have that. - It disqualified her from school and education. Because tolerance is pretty low for people with DAMP or ADHD. They're considered to be trouble makers.

In my mind, Miss Mocca is not a trouble maker. She never was. She is a warm hearted girl. She doesn't create problems. Problems simply find their way to her. And landing in her knee, they simply develope, because she has low patience.

Mr. Asta and I spent hundreds of hours with teachers, doctors, psyciatrists and other "professionals" over the years. Little did it help. Because their philosophy was always some sort of blame game. I could play that game too. But why would I? Miss Mocca is a perfectly normal girl with concentration problems. Lot's of people suffers from that. Lots of people who was never diagnosed as ADHD or DAMP. It's not a sickness. It's a temporary state of mind.

People with ADHD or DAMP are not un-intellegent. On the contrary. Miss Mocca never managed school, but she taught herself to read and write in 3 different languages. She learns by watching movies or TV programmes. She listens to music. She communicates with people. And she has a public blog, where she is being very honest about what's good and what's bad in her life. None of that is new to me. I am not in for a big surprise, because there's always been honesty between me and Miss Mocca. And I am not a complete fool. I have a good ability to figure out things. I know Miss Mocca is not a saint.

I'm very proud of her. It takes a lot of strength to share inner thoughts and mistakes with others. And to overcome the burden of societys weird and bungled norms.


The Meat Eaters Club Celebration

Yesterday was made for celebration. We welcomed back Miss Winty into the Meat Eaters Club. - She quit her membership of the club 2 1/2 years ago and joined some ridicolous club of grass eaters. - She hasn't been smiling ever since.

But now she's back - with a BIG smile. - And Freddie is smiling and clapping his hands. Poor man's been suffering all this time, trying to pretend he actually likes soya beans and - even worse - soya sausages. You might as well stick your tung out of the window in Bombay!, because that's what it tastes like.

A 6 feet 88 rocker must have meat!

Mr. Asta keeps complaining over the bumps I give him in my blogs. I don't know what he's babbling about. - I have the right to tell the truth from my point of view. Since I am the blogger, that's my legal right! If he doesn't like what I write, he can write his own blog and see if he can get anoyne to actually believe him. However, I doubt that very much!

Just to challenge him, I've created him a blog: Mr. Asta Talks Back (http://mrastatalksback.blogspot.com). Yeah - let's see if he can fix the challenge-:)
Because I'm in such a good mood (due to Wintys re-newing of her membership) I might as well give you some other pictures from last nights celebration.

- I do anything for Miss Winty - even cook!

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Orange anonymity

Once a year I do a complete make-over of myself. Usually right before christmas. Since last christmas my hair has been very dark, but now I decided to use a brownish red colour instead. To get started I removed the almost black colour yesterday. Which means I blonded the hair. When done I realized that I bought the wrong new colour. It's too dark.

So today I had to get down to the supermarket where they sell this stuff and get a better colour.

And my hair is orange, you know!?! Yeah, it looks nice. I look nice. Except on the top of the skalp, where it's actually white. I had to wear a hat. I never wear hats.

- And a lot of make-up, lipstick, painted eyebrows, I mean pure party look. Just hoping I wouldn't meet anyone I know. I did my outmost to hide behind the shelves.

But of course I met people I know. At least 25 persons from work to start with! "Hey Asta. Nice hair colour". Grrrrrrr!!!!! - Just when I really needed to be an Anonymous! And that silly hat. I don't know how they were able to recognize me, cause I was also wearing riding boots and old jacket and jeans. I never wear that sort of clothes in my hometown....... - I don't get it.......?!?

Perhaps my size? Because I am - I guarantee you - the smallest adult in the whole town.

I'm gonna get this fixed today before exposing myself any further. - Or perhaps just add a little carot to the skalp and enter 2009 as an orange...........



After 21 years Mr Asta and I kinda know each others weak sides, and surely Mr Asta knows exactly which buttons to push if he needs a nice little argument with me. Usually we never fight, because most of the time I pretend I don't hear that he pulled the trigger.

Thursday morning was one of these mornings where I heard it, and it was much too early in the day to just pull a spell on him and move on.

We were supposed to leave at 4.45 - Mr Asta was to drive me to my Kick-Off transportation. But at 4.45 he was still in the bathroom - not at all ready to leave. I reminded him on our agreement, and his response was like "Why are you fuzzing over this - they'll wait for you".

- So I got annoyed (translation: pissed off). This is not what I want to hear that early in the morning, so - yes - I shouted at him. When we finally got into his car - I say his because the older men gets the more sophisticated toys they need, and right now he desperately needs a BMW 320 turbo - What happens? I managed to spill coffee all over myself.

When we arrived my meeting spot I was so angry, that I just rushed out of the car and slammed the door without saying goodbye or stick it up yours. I decided never to speak to him again, and that this was the final drop.

Late Thursday evening Mr Asta phoned me asking if I was still upset with him. At that time I'd almost forgotten the dispute, so we made friends again. Which was more mature of us than screaming garbage in each others ears.

Come to think of it, it would have been rather difficult to explain to Miss Winty and Miss Mocca that I filed for a divorce because of a spilled cup of coffee.

"Consideration and little care means so much"
A. A. Milne, Author


Nightmare before Christmas

Was away a couple of days for the annual kick-start of the new year conference. It's about mingling with colleagues and networking. Which I like! Thursday evening and night I joined the Conference Dinner and went to bed at 01.30 am. I avoided drinking anything else but water, otherwise I would not have been able to get out of bed again 4 hours later and work.

Finished the book Swedish Mafia the other day. It was so interesting that I read it in 2 days. Extremely well-written. And good research work.

It was a refreshment of things which I obviously can remember now that I was reminded of it but temporarily had forgotten.

One of the most interesting chapters in the book is about Arkan - the Serbian robber who became Mr. Celebrity in Belgrade. Arkan operated during long periods in Sweden which I knew. But I had forgotten the story of his network. Arkan is an example of how a deeply criminal personality can rise to everybody's darling and a millionaire.

The Stein Bagger case makes the book even more current. Stein Bagger may very well try to delude us into something else, but if you as a manager hires a bodyguard who is a member of the Hells Angels, you have something to hide. That Stein Bagger is a charming psychopath who is able to convince people with a university degree makes it all even more ludicrous. Never did we see so many whitewashed hands and red ears at the same time.


Tremors comes in different sizes

06.20 this morning people woke up feeling the earth shaking real hard. With their usual sense of exaggeration, the Extra Bladet Web Paper announced that shaking was so powerful that it could "be felt throughout the country." - Apparently Copenhagen has extended since I was there in July.

Anyway. 4.8 is a fairly strong quake. And the epi centre was in Southern Sweden. Specifically just outside Ystad. From a reliable source who lives there I've been told that the quake was so strong that she fell out of her bed.
But all of this is of course completely overshadowed by the main news of the day: Stein has landed! With Delta Airlines straight from LAX 08.32 am.

At present time everybody knows who Stein is. However, when I first heard about Stein - because I don't live in Denmark - I got the impression that we were talking about Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom und zum Stein. Though he's been dead for quite many years, and was by the way not a crook allthough he was an entrepreneur.

The highly publicized Stein appeared to be Stein Bagger, Contractor of the Year in Denmark in 2008. Unfortunately also disappeared from the earth's surface, highly inconvenient to his investors whose money were also missing.

In particular, the country known comedian Finn Nørbygaard, who apparently had lost so much money that he no longer could afford to pay for refueling of his Mercedes. (Found the picture from the survaillance camera). Trapped by the surveillance camera he had to ask the whole of Denmark for forgiveness.
A lot of other famous people came forward and admitted they'd been deceived. The central person in the story however had vanished from the earth. Until the day when Stein Bagger rolled in at a local police station in Los Angeles and asked to be arrested.

Now he's back in Denmark, and this morning he admitted fraud. I look forward to hear the rest of the fascinating story. The entertainment value is fully in line with the story of the man who sold the Eiffel Tower and other stories in that genre.


Foreign timid?

In Copenhagen so called dialog benches have been placed out at squares around the city.

The idea is that one should sit down for a small chat with other people. And basicly the idea is great. However, a metropolis might not be the right place. Which probably explains why the benches remains empty. - Because people in huge cities often suffers from a certain amount of anxiety to strangers.

One wonders why? - People categorized as normal move to a metropolis and within a month they are totally damaged. Hidding behind the iPod and the cell phone or another electronic device. Or behind the black sunglasses. No eye contact what so ever. The nose turned towards the sky.

Strangely enough, if you ask people living in a metropolis why they behave like that, they all blame the amount of weirdos in the metropolis jungle. I agree that there are many weirdos. It is a sympton of the class divided society that those who have feel uncomfortable adjustment by those who don't have. And those who don't have must live somewhere. We humans are pack members, so naturally those who don't have seek themselves to big cities with others in the same situation.

I sound like a bloody communist, I know. But nevermind. What's interesting here is how your personality changes when moving to a city.

I'm no better myself. When travelling I often meet people who speaks Danish. I NEVER reveal where I come from. Only the other day - when in Gothenburg - I'm actually ashamed of myself come to think of it - I sit in a restaurant, and just behind me 4 Danes are having difficulties with the booking. Do I turn around an offer my assistance? - Noooo, of course not. Their problems are not my business....... - Damn me and my lack of style!  

Back home at the country side I would never behave this tatty. Of course I help people when I can see or hear that they need help. But the moment I cross the city line - my personality changes. And I hide behind my black sunglasses.

"The more you think, the more one realizes that there is no simple answer"
A.A. Milne, Author


Civilized business moral

Bought a highly controversial book when I was in Gothenburg. It's called the Swedish Mafia, and is a mapping of criminal gangs in Sweden. Highly interesting. The book is written by 2 journalists.

It's controversial because it describes how criminal organisations such as Hells Angels, Bandidos and Wolfpack more or less un-disturbed have been able to penetrate into society and use blackmail and threats as an accepted business concept. When I've finished the book, I'll post you my point of view.

Biker environment is not entirely unknown to me. I was young and living in Copenhagen during the period when Hells Angels became the decission makers at the citys hashish market. They seized power through the rigorous shooting of the leader of the former owner club. He was gunned down in brought daylight in the street outside his home. - He went from punk to Icon the moment he died. Like a rockstar.
I lived in the neighborhood and saw the brand switch from Bullshit to Hells Angels, but I never saw the biker clubs as a threat, not even as criminals.

It was just a fight about who would determine the selling price - which had nothing to do with buyers.

It was just a fight about who would determine the selling price - which had nothing to do with buyers.

Today - 25 years later, a new war is on in Copenhagen. This time it is about drugs (hashish is light beer for hippies).

The war about the drug market is being battled between Hells Angels and groups of young immigrants. And most likely Hells Angels will loose the war. The war has changed character. It has intensified. But the money they are fighting for is also widening. We are talking about a rock loose market where you can earn fantasy billons.

In Sweden, there is also war between various criminal groups, but the war is centered in and around Gothenburg - not in Stockholm. Or rather: The shootings are not as intensive in Stockholm as in Gothenburg. I therefore conclude.......



Today is Lucia Day. It's a very old Swedish tradition, which I find beautiful, but never celebrate. Because I'm not Swedish. I prefer to keep my Danish traditions as much as I can.

Yesterday I wrote about my experiences with other peoples unconscious perception of age.

I received a respons which I am sharing with you here. It came from a man, who in my mind has a very healthy view of life.

"Isn't wrinkels a sign that you have turned wise and full of understanding? Or is it just an excuse for not having to use arguments when you put statements on the table? You just have to say that your long experience tells you that the case is such and such and all fall down in awe of your wisdom :-). As said before; age is a question of perception in oneself ... and others. Unfortunately people tend to put other people in a figuratively box based on their age. When people reach a certain age they are seen as mumbling drooling fools no better than small children. Please keep me (and yourself) out of that box:-)."

It's interesting that age is so important to us. It's really just a fictive number that someone invented just to keep us busy feeling sorry for ourselves. It doesn't say anything about us or our values.

I see myself as wise and understanding. The older I get the more laissez faire I also get. But that's being interpreted as a negative thing, which I don't think it is. My carrier is behind me. Ambitions is tuned down. That gives me an opportunity to explore life in a much different way than 10 years ago.

In the past I wouldn't have shown what's inside of me in public (I mean in a blog), but today it's not so complicated. I am who I am, I can't change that, and I won't. Being myself is one of the real privileges that comes with age. Another positive thing about getting older is, that I can joke about myself in a much more ironic way than before. I know my strong sides and my weak sides inside and out. But I no longer need to excuse myself. It's okay to be weird now-:)).

"I am not young enough to know everything"
James M Barrie, Novelist


There - right in the middle of her forehead!

Have you thought about how many people that gets anxiety attacks when they see wrinkles - even when the wrinkles is placed in the forehead of another human being?
I've had wrinkles in my forehead ever since I was 18. So-called intellect wrinkles. - Occasionally it irritates me, and I think of laser and botex, but most of the time I'm quite proud of them. They are a part of my personality.

Wrinkels associates with age. And you get that discrete question: "When do you retire?" - NEVER! I plan to work till I drop down dead. What else can I spend time on? - Can't sit 20 hours a day at the internet. I'll turn blind. Experimenting in the kitchen so Mr Asta can run back and forth between home and the hospitals poison center? - His life insurance isn't lucrative enough. And besides, getting away with murder will only leave me all by myself with the bleeping domestic work that I hate!

"Many are never quite the same age as oneself"
Tove Ditlevsen, Author



Imagine if I was famous. I would be invited to events everywhere. And huge numbers of photographers would line up and expose me to the world. And I would be interviewed. About me, for example. And it would be published. Everybody would read my blog. And everybody would all of a sudden have a desperat need to become my friends. I could be a complete jerk. I might not be able to get the spelling right. Doesn't matter. As long as I'm famous. And no matter what comes out of my mouth - they will swallow it and praise me!

This is how it could be:

C.Leb Q: Asta, What inspires you to write?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: You get a lot of comments on your blog. Do you ever comment back?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: You write a lot about yourself. Why?
Me A: Because I can

C.Leb Q: From time to time people critizises you for your writing. Have do you handle the critics?
Me A: Have you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: For many years singing and playing guitar was a part of your life. Why did you quit?
Me A: Are you absolutely sure you read my blog?

C.Leb Q:You once wrote a very funny speech about God. When can we see the speech again?
Me A: Do you mean as a kind of Best of? - Replays I leave to others

C.Leb Q: You have a huge fascination for shoes. Why?
Me A: Did you ever read my blog?

C.Leb Q: Karaoke is very popular. Many people has sworn an oath to karaoke. Soon anyone has a karaoke facilities. Anyone become the stars of an evening, right? How do you feel about karaoke? Are you planning to upload a karaoke song on your blog? Perhaps make a video recording?
Me A: What was your question?

C.Leb Q: Finally, Asta, which of the following do you prefer

Beer or Wine?

Cheese or ice cream?

Dog or Cat?
Next question please

TV or radio?

Car or boat?

Mallorca or Bahamas?

Gold or silver?

Long or mini?

Sneakers or ballerina shoes?
High heals

Celine or Madonna?
Tony Kakko

C.Leb: Thank you for your time





Sitting at the night train on my way home from Gothenburg. It's 7.46 pm. I'll be home at 7 am tomorrow morning.

It's been a real giving trip. Tough programme - left home 8 am yesterday morning and gave lectures most of today. However I received a very positive response from the audience which makes the whole trip worth the effort.

Had a very nice evening together with Miss Fan (we shared a room at the hotel). Went shopping yesterday evening, and I managed to find the only shop where she could buy one very specific Christmas gift for a friend. Proved my absolute superb talents as pathfinder in Gothenburg and again this morning to the airport, so she let me run the show on my own today. Just introduced herself as my private chauffeur.

So proud of myself. And happy. It's not often I hear that I am good good at what I do.

Another good thing about Miss Fan is, that she when we checked into Hotel Scandic Europe yesterday, managed to check us in as VIP guests, so our breakfast this morning was served in the special VIP lounge at 6th floor. There are people and People! tsk tsk

Oh, yes, and accidently I happened to stumble over a pair of super hot shoes (see picture). They were just shouting YOUR FEET NEED US!


Age parties

I wonder quite a lot about Christmas and why and what. It's like my thoughts about my birthday. I never celebrate it, because I think it's rubbish. I feel the reactions from others whenever I say that I have no intentions to celebrate my 50-year anniversiry. Everybody thinks I'm insane. But why is that? Can't I just throw a party some other time and say I'm having a party because I'm happy?

- Why do YOU celebrate YOUR birthday? - For the gifts, or because you feel you are important and think that everybody else feels the same?

If I only feel important 1 day a year, what is there to believe in? - That's 364 days a year being un-important. That's ultimatelly sad.

Another thing is that I don't think it's so damn nice to add another year to my age, when the number of years never match my actual age - the age I am inside my head. - Next time it'll be 46. But it isn't consistent with how I am. - A 46 year old woman is to run around and bake and cook and go to tea parties with her friends (according to conventions!). But I don't do any of this. And besides, I don't have any friends. - I don't dress as a 46 year old either. I don't speak as a 46 year old. I don't listen to 46 year old music. I experience myself as young, but I'm being treated like a middelaged bag. It's ultimate depression. That doesn't work for me. So why constantly remind myself?

Does the Church have a role?

I am a protestant. As a result of that, I only go to church for christienings, weddings and funerals. I believe - not in God - but in life. However I like the church as a place for thought and reflection. I enjoy the music because sound is powerful in the church room.

Protestants do not believe in the concept of indulgence. One can never buy forgiveness. Martin Luther broke with the Catholic Church first and foremost because he despised the trade with indulgence performed by the Catholic Church. Purgatory does not exist within Christianity. It is something evil priests have invented to scare people. In order to get control over people.

Nor do I believe in hell as a place I can escape as long as I live by the rules of the Bible and pay my tenth. I become incensed at my local church which is for Methodists more than for Protestants. There collection is presented in public, giving the entire congregation the possibility to see whether I have money or not. If I have no money, I can use my credit card. They take Visa. It's disgusting! I won't have anything to do with it. Money has nothing to do with Christianity and Jesus bids.


Birthday or Christmas?

I'm not really sure how I feel about Christmas. I just think the food is interesting. Fried duck - that's good.

But all this with gifts and stuff - that seems - in my mind - to have reached absurd proportions. Just a lot of gift swapping back and forth. It is nice however to meet with the family and eat together.

But why are we suddenly all children just because it's Christmas? - What are we celebrating? Jesus birthday? - Why do we celebrate the birthday of someone who has been dead for 2,000 years? - As if anyone would celebrate my birthday in 2,000 years? - Think about this: Is there anyone who knows who I am in - say - 100 years? - The name of my great-grandfather on my fathers side is unknown to me, so how can I expect that my great-grandchildren should know MY name? Or keep my birthday alive for that matter? - Incidentally, it is an idiotic discussion, because I don't even celebrate my birthday. Just think it is hogwash.

And who says that Jesus think it is great to be celebrated, when we celebrate his day by swapping gifts? - It was the love for your fellow people he preached. Is your fellow people to ruin themselves for other people to love them for 10 minutes once a year?


The true teachning

Read that only 14% are smoking in Sweden. That I can understand considering how damn difficult life as a smoker has become. Inhaling and buying is almost impossible. I know that smoking is dangerous, however deep down inside I feel, that I as an adult have my constitutional right to choose how I want to ruin my health.

I've been smoking for so many years that I forgot to count. - Is it worth upsetting myself because of that? - This is my only bad habbit in this life. Some people drink alcohol in large quantities, others stuff themselves with candy and sweets. Others eat a lot of medicine. I smoke. So what?!?

I feel discriminated.

- Now take this smoking thing. It has become more than difficult to buy ones little package of Prince with skull artifact and absurd threat texts.

For instans, most shops now have a system where one only can get ones hands on the beloved package if you are taller than 5.57ft. And I am - as you all know only 4.88ft. So what can I do? If you are my size it's just your bad luck.

In other shops, we must direct an electronic pawn forward, pay for it at the desk, and then look for the cigarette machine usually standing somewhere outside the shopping area. Just finding the electronic pawns is a task for Sherlock Holmes.

Moreover, it outrages me how they, for my money by the way, fills the goddamn packages with ridiculous threats, as for example that the men sperm quality deteriorates by smoking. - Or that smokers run a greater risk of continuing a genetic disease than non-smokers. The most disingenuous crap! Absolutely no scientific evidence for the allegations. But apparently smokers must swallow all sorts of idiotic lies.

Imagine if we began to warn about the harm alcohol may cause to your health on wine labels or liqour bottles.

- Would never work. There would be a revolution. 99% of the population drinks alcohol. And alcohol is party and colors, isn't it?


Get home safely

My penultimate day in Stockholm. Last night I circled at red line in the metro. Lots of people.

Back at the hotel appr. 7 pm I went outside for a smoke. - Smoking is getting harder and harder. If I need to cover my addiction for nicotine, I have to stand outside in the rain.

Anyway. Out of the hotel came 3 persons, 1 lady and 2 gentlemen - or whatever you should call them. - The female part of the company was not quite finished with his wine, so from her pocket in her jacket she drew upp a wine glass filled with red wine, bottomed the content, and placed the glass at the sidewalk.

The smallest of the gentlemen had made sure to drink upp indoors - in such a rush that he had to use the entire road width to walk straight - if you get my point-:).

- Anyway. - The 3 of them entered their transportation vehicle - a big red Volvo S80. - It is of course important to get as safe a ride home as possible............. And anyway, it's always a good idea with a glass or 2 before putting yourself on wheel. I mean - Traffic is deadly isn't it!?!

I need a break now, because I've got to have a smoke before class starts...........


Metro syndrome

It's raining cats and dogs in Stockholm. - Did the 500 meters from the hotel to the metro station this morning, and it just stood down in bars.

So I could have ignored the hair styling routine this morning. A complete waste of my time! - And now at 4 pm it's still raining. Completely unbelievable in December.

I'm thinking about shopping today. Perhaps visit Indiska to see if I can find something. Or skip it and just go back to the hotel and pop into bed early.

My hotel is just 4 stops by the metro away from the office that I'm visiting this week. Simple and flexible. I like the metro - during daytime. During nighttime it's creepy and scarry. Lots of weird and unpleasant individuals individer coming out of their holes after 9 pm. Not that they look weird or strange, but they behave creepy. As if the metro sucks anyone with the need of getting rid of their aggressions into its deep. - The guards are no better - on the contrary. I'm actually afraid of them. Seriously!

I'm not scarred of people who feel bad for some reason. I just feel sorry for them. But people who needs to show me how powerful they are makes me real scarred.

These are the kind of people who are able to provoke me. - Perhaps I should feel sorry for the guards as well. Because they are not mentally well either. If they were, they wouldn't need to behave like they do. But I have to neglect that feeling. I am unable to pitty them. They get paid to manage conflicts. Instead they create conflicts. They should never have been hired as guards. They are small people. Low people. Un-important people. The same sort of people you can meet in the nightclub door........


How smart du you think you are?

Sometimes it puzzles me what actually's going on inside my head.

Here I am, kind enough to think of the companys costs in connection with my travels. So I thought that the nighttrain home from Gothenburg would be a brilliant idea. It costs only half of a hotel, and it'll bring me home a day earlier than expected.

And now that the tickets are booked I see that I (God damn it!) must leave the train at 5 am Wednesday morning when arriving the railway station up in Ånge (right in the middle of nowhere) - in order to switch to another train that will take me down to my final destination. Which is 111 km (68.81 miles) away.

So - well conceived, Asta! You have, as always, showed a bright ability to make it so difficult for yourself as possible!



The Colonel and other horrors

With sincere honesty in my voice I am able to decline any participation in next Saturdays horrors. - Because I will be away on yet another trip. To Stockholm again during the whole week, and the week thereafter to Gothenburg. And I have to wash my clothes as well, right!?!

I like travelling. Though I prefer to sleep in my own bed. Bu it's always nice to meet new people.

Hopefully I will find some time over to buy christmas gifts. - I have no idea what to buy for Miss Winty and Freddie or for Miss Mocca. But something creative will probably come to my mind.

In Gothenburg I will meet with the whip to the Bosses Boss. I call her the Colonel. She is so focused at her work that she most of the time forgets that she has a son. Whenever she's being reminded bad concious strikes her. It's way out. She's not dedicated to or engaged in her work. She's bloody obsessed!

For some odd reason, the Colonel likes me a lot, and she always tells me about the complications of her love life in a very entertaining way. I for my sake find it very hard to visiualize the Colonel having som many admirors as she obviously has. - Perhaps men prefers dominante women?


Brain defueling and escalators

Home again after 2 hectical days in Stockholm. The purpose was to defuel the inside of my upper floor for any creative idea coming up about a very specific subject.

I'm quite often being invited for this sort of sessions, and I love it. It's like opening a tap. It's just pouring out. When it's enough, the tap is closed again and I can go home, completely exhausted.

The exercise requires a continous non-stop intake of good food and lots of water and coffee, because I burn huge amounts of energy and calories. And the belly demands to be fed at least every 4th hour.

Yesterday evening I dined in Kungshallen. Had Danish open cut sandwiches (not exactly as we make them in Denmark, but almost), and a super delicious Creme Brule (un-fortunately miss a vital sign on my keyboard. Sorry) - is pronounced bryll - with preserved rasperies.

On this trip I've realised that I need to visit an expert in hysteria. My fear of escalators has now reached unrealistic proportions, and it's beginning to get on my nerves. 3 times during the past 2 days I've been watching a movie featuring myself in the leading role, in a horizontal position - with the head first of course - flying down into the big, black nothing, landing with my forehead smashing into the ground on the subways platform section 3 stores below. - I promise you, it's not a very good movie. It's also playing backwards. - That doesn't make it any better.


Private space

The past couple of days I might have given you the feeling that I have some sort of fear of people crossing my private space. - I do.

I can't have anyone entering my private space uninvited. I hate the abominable practice as a part of people's practice of kissing strangers in the face. Or backclappers(read stappers) praising my amazing abilities. BVADR!

Nor do I appreciate others giving me advice about how I should be or look. I don't know what to do about it. If I need an advice I will ask for it.

Unfortunately I was taught always to be polite and kind and understanding no matter what. Which occasionally causes a lot of inner fights. I would love to be able to put people in place so they can understand it. Instead it becomes something half woolen something that just leads to others to perceive me as strange.

Which is why I avoid the yearly christmas-come-together at the companys expenses, which is an almost holy phenomena that we must overcome every year.

A couple of times I've been ordered to participate. And what happens? As soon as we have been seated to eat a nice and quiet dinner, the claims and complaints about this and that begins. For example about the wages. Or whatever else people can find energy to complain about.

And there is always someone who starts to cry, and there is always someone falling ill. And then I'm expected to take care of it, as if I should see it as a vocation. I'm unable to decline. Because I am sober, I'm automatically compared with the bosom Heart accurate Samaritan. But honestly. I have other things to do than to sit in a bathroom in my nice clothes holding a second adult in the forehead, and say "Ah" and "Poor you".




I'll be going to Stockholm Thursday and Friday. To participate in a meeting. I have to get up at 4 am Thursday morning, because the train leaves at 5.42 and since I have a number of routines I need to follow................. I think you can imagine the scenario.

I normally book me in at Scandic, but ever since they became a part of the Hilton empire, the standard has decreased to a level lower than the basement.

I think it's the lowest of the lowest to leave just 1 bath towel for a female guest.
I think it's even lower to remove moisters and other such stuffs that can make a womans day smell good.

Even the coffee machine has been removed.

And they've cut down on the numbers of TV-channels. Not that I watch TV but I think it's a human right to have access to at least the possibility to choose.

And constantly I am being reminded to pay attention to the protection of the environment by using my wet towel again.

I rather stay on private owned hotels or - as in this week - at SAS Radisson, which is less expensive, but also less low.
Another good thing about this is, that I won't jump into colleagues who I most desperately try to avoid in the lift, in the lobby or when I digest my breakfast. Because it feels like being under constant survaillance. Not that I have anything to hide, but honestly. You don't choose your colleagues yourself - the boss does. And the boss also experience crazy days.

Please take a look at my desk. I am sure you understand my saying........


Die Wunderbare Affen

It has been snowing for the past couple of days, so I haven't felt for going outside. Unfortunately I had to this morning, because it's Monday and I work Monday to Friday. Or to be more specifik, I am at my job. Whether I actually work depends on how you look at it.

Yesterday I spent the whole day inside the warm appartment. Miss Winty stopped by. Deepfrozen. The little fool was just wearing a sweatshirt and a thin jacket - in minus 10 degrees. I gave her my new, black doubble-lined overcoat. I didn't buy it because I needed it, but because I thought it was fancy. Been wearing it 5 times, so it's almost new. Now it hangs on Miss Winty, and it hangs well there.

Alex and Calle are 2, in Sweden, famous and notorius bloggers working for the newspaper Aftonbladet. They share my feeling about work - it's nice to have, but it steals most of your time, and if you want to have a little fun at work, you have to take the initiative and contribute with whatever you have.

And Alex and Calle understands how to practice the What if I thought to the limit. And perputate if for the whole world. The latest maniac contrivance is Let's blow the boss. I've linked the video, because it's impossible to explain. You have to see it. - The video starts out with an advertise, and then ..............


Just in time for this years salary negotiations, or....?
What annoys me most about this is that they created the ideá first. Damn it!


Thomas Treo and his PMS

Number of people making me very tired: 2 Number of coffees: Too many Roses: 1

Thomas Treo has PMS again. I wonder why he reviews music, because when calling himself Treo, he must have some sort of serious problem. Constant headaches for example.

I said it when Treo reviewed the Marilyn Manson concert and when he reviewed the Meat Loaf concert: It's quite allright to have a personal opinion, but as a reviwer you need to be slightly more nuanced than Treo is, and not just butcher people. - I was there, experiencing the reality, and my experience were opposite yours, right?!?

And now Treo wrote yet another review which is over the line. The review of Guns and Roses new album "Chinese Democracy".

We've been waiting for 17 years for that album. Never thought it would come out. But it's here now, and Treo reviewed it. - Unfortunately.

Already when reading the headline you understand that the old Rose is a massive thorn in Treos eye. - Not that Treo ever bothers to tell us why, but perhaps Axl offended Treo on a personal level once upon a time in the dizzy past: Nicked a girlfriend, threw a bottle in Treos face, or simply refused to answer a question. - Who knows?

Whatever reasons for the bad vibrations, the review is dripping acid of hate and personal anti-feelings against Axl Rose. And we read that the album is shit. Treo calls it devestating poor. - Actually he uses a phrase, which is impossible for me to translate properly, but he calls Axl an asshole and claims that he's nothing.

So what do you do? Because I can't comment on or discuss something that I haven't heard or seen. However I did read the review in Rolling Stones and find it very hard to believe that their rewiers are tone deaf.

I decided to follow the call and logged on Myspace and listened - together with 3 million other people - to Chinese Democracy on Friday night. I heard the album 4 times. And Treo - frankly. You are too old and too blocked in your brain for your job. Because it's a good album. Lots of variation. Not at all Guns and Roses as they used to sound. Fortunately enough. Axl developed and grew up. - 1 track is not my cup of tea, but the rest of it is very good. So good that I will buy the album for my collection. And trust me on this: I select carefully.

Being a musician is a profession. It's like being a carpenter, an electrician or a teacher. And Treo - is it impossible for you to respect the skilled professional Axl Rose enough to be able to listen to his work with an open mind, free of all preconcieved ideas based on events that happened 20 years ago?

Treo: As I wrote to you last night: Have a breakdown and move on. Take a Treo, put it in a glas of water and join the rest of us down here at the planet Earth.

For those of you who understands Danish, please find the full review from Treo below:



WMA - Un-necessary and Waste of Time

Klaus Riskaer continues his trend with psycotic mind blurr that noone understands, and today I wrote to him and asked why he insists on taking oss to another planet which we don't want to go to.
I did not receive any reply so far. He might never answer my question. Perhaps he doesn't think it's necessary to reply to the comments he receives, or maybe he doesn't read them.

I'll let Klaus rest a couple of days. I can always get back to him later on.

Now let's get down to the subject of the day!

WMA has been reduced to some sort of hip-hop stage. I can't stand hip-hop. I think it's heavily over-advertised. And I don't understand why it is considered to be more room clean than Metal. If you bother to listen to the lyrics or check out the artists behaviour. Most hip-hopartists are not musicians or real artists. They just know how to handle a computer. So do I! Does that make me a good artist?

I try to imagine what it would be like to listen to the same rhythm, the same 3 chords and the same 4 lines for 1 1/2 hour. - I think it would drive me nuts. Sorry, but that's how I feel about hip-hop.

I watched WMA USA this year on MTV, because I didn't have anything better to do that day. And what do I see? Some - as it seems - highprofiled hip-hopper wearing dreadlocks jumping around on stage more or less in his own selfish world, in a pair of expensive trousers hangingon his knees. Showing up his presumably expensive but not so attractive underwear.

I forgot his name, I forgot the tune (not really sure if it can becalled a tune), I forgot the lyrics. This guy could be the highest paid artist in the world for that matter. I couldn't care less. As I recall it, he received an award. Don't remember in which category.

But what I do remember is, that he arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant.- And that it was considered to be very cool.

The funny thing is - and this just tells me that peoples view on what's cool depends on WHO does it - if Marilyn Manson had arrived at the red carpet on top of an elephant, he would have been criticized and accused of being mean to animals.

But what's the difference? Can anyone explain to me?

Personally I prefer Marilyn Manson. He's miles ahead of the nutty hip-hop bloke. Because Manson has a message. He can perform and he knows what music is about. - I don't think that the hip-hop pinocchio has a message. And he certainly doesn't know a thing about music, that's for sure. And besides - he's got no style. WHO wants to see a mans dirty underwear - I just ask?

Check the video "I hate hip hop and I love death metal" her


The Globalized nuclear family

Just read an article in a Danish newspaper today that discusses new concepts for children care in the global community.

The debate was opened by a highly controversal man who currently resides in a prison cell. He was convicted for various economic crimes. Anyway. He needs to keep himself occupied, so he has started a blog with the purpose to provoke.

So far so good. However, what annoys me is, that he uses an overly ambitious language that drives me insane, because he looses touch with the people he wants to provoke, namely parents. He has taken the debate about children and day care to another planet because of that ridicolous habbit.

Yesterday he surgested that men and women who retired could take care of the children whose mums and dads are working, instead of sending the children to nursery cares. And that’s okay. He has a point.

But today, he babbles about the "globalized nuclear family". For instans,

"By undercurrent while compensating rebalancing, these shortcomings are compensated by the qualities sought recreated, though by other suppliers and sources. The family is so blurred as a concept in relation to the former fixed-narrow definition based on a biological affiliation, to be a dynamic sliding core of human relations in a virtual space created by the "family feeling". It is the substance of the previous time-quality concept of the nuclear family which is reproduced, more than it is the actual biological family relationship."

Sweaty to translate that, I can tell you.

- I understand the meaning of every single word, however I think he is overdoing it, and because of that his point becomes dizzy. I am being pulled back to the 70-s where everything was so overplayed that the people that the discussion was about and would benefit from it, was unable to participate in any debate due to lack of understanding.

I feel a desperate need to scream: Klaus! Hell! Get a grip!

Maybe you understand Danish? If so, then please read the whole article at

Good Luck!


Miss Wintys birthday will not rock the Globe

Wanted to invite Miss Winty and Freddie to one of the 2 Metallica concerts in Stockholm as a birthday present for Miss Winty. Unfortunately the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes.

What a shame. I wanted to see Metallica. And I get so irritated when realizing that the reason why the concerts were sold out in 30 minutes is because some stupid, ignorant morans have managed to buy more tickets than they actually needed. Not for themselves of course, but to sell at the black market, making themselves an extra buck. Its wrong! - Not only to the fans, but also to the band. They don't get a share of the cake.

Livenation received so many complaints that they actually started an investigation, and one of their re-sellers is no longer allowed to sell tickets. You must pay via the internet. Because there were restrictions for the Metallica concert. Of course. This is a cult band. - You could only buy 6 tickets per person. Nevertheless the re-seller ignored this restriction and sold as many tickets as possible to the same person. And it wasn't just 1 re-seller who did that.

We had tickets for the Slipknot concert last week, and outside the concert hall there were a lot of black market dealers trying to sell tickets 4-5 times over the actual price.
Bad, Bad, Bad!

After the concert, they also tried to sell band merchandise to prices higher than the band is charging for the same stuff.

The interesting thing is, that every time you go to a concert, there's always a lot of police and a lot of security. But they are focusing on the fans only. Never on the black market dealers, which in my mind is completely idiotic, because the fans are not violent or disturbing. They are on their way to a concert which they are looking forward to, and after the concert they are not going to make any trouble, because they're dead-tired. Hello! They've been screaming and jumping and I don't what for 3-4 hours. They just want to go to bed and sleep.

Black market dealers are not interested in the band or the artist giving a concert. They are only there to squeeze you for money. They don't pay tax. They are breaking the law, but apparently the law doesn't



Interesting how many people claim that they have no prejudices about other people. In especially I have noticed this statement coming out of the mouth of young people. They very often claim that we - the old bags - have prejudices about and no acceptance of people being different from the norm.

This is interesting, because that tells me that regardless of age most people fear the unknown.
It doesn't really matter what or how. If you are black in a white community, have a farmers dialect in an urban community, wear punk clothings in a hippie environment, bleeche and strech your hair in an afro club - whatever it is, you deviate from the norm and will be treated with suspiciousness.

When I got my first job in Sweden, everybody praised me for my solid Swedish languageskills because Swedish is not my native language. But after a while I began to realize that it is not just the language that does it. My continental behaviour and humor was not acceptable in the Swedish sphere. I experienced suspiciousness and negative attitude towards me and I felt like an outsider. - It's the small details right - such as the parties you don't get invited to, the roaring silence when you enter the lunch room, the amusing ha, ha, claims about your does related to general misunderstandings about the behaviour in your birth country (For the record- I drink beer all day and eat sausages accordingly).

One of the things that caused me great troubble was my lack of support to the Swedish cult phenomena Fika. Since noone bothered to explain the benefits of Fika to me, I automatically in my continental mind saw it as ridicolous and a complete waste of valuable time. So naturally I didn't adapt the concept. And naturally I became an non-adaptable alien in the minds of my Swedish colleagues. An outsider.

I was mature enough to handle the whole situation with a bit of black humor and ironi, but I can understand if young people facing that attitude takes it to heart. Some of the rudenesses went straight to my heart as well. I have a natural distance towards strangers, and that distance became my wall towards the - as I felt - ignorant Swedes.

Richard D. Lewis wrote the book When Cultures Collide in which he with a great sence of humor reflects on his experiences with culture phenomena. That book is a must if you are in need of a turn-around in the tunnel. I read it in 2 days, and it was so refreshing to meet Richard Lewis reflections on these issues. For me it led to an ability to overcome the obstacles without getting hurt.

I still don't support Fika, but with the guidance from Richard D. Lewis I manage to pretend that I see the benefits, and I can even explain it to you if youd like and make it sound as a perfectly natural feature of everyday life.

Ignorance creates barriers between people. Its YOUR responsibility to tear down YOUR barrier if you expect others to respect YOU as you are.



Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Dangerous thoughts

Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Dangerous thoughts

Dangerous thoughts

Chaotic amounts of thoughts enters the brain. There seems to be no end. The speed is 170 mph - at least that's what it feels like. The brain never rests. Accidents are inevitable. Huge crash, then silence. The race is restarted and very soon the accelerator is in the bottom again, slowly pushed down by an invisible hand.

Cruise control is out of order. Breaks are inoperative.

How fast can you think? Does the brain have a speed limit? How many thoughts can the brain absorbe per hour? Does the brain contain a parkinglot - or a loading area? Is the brain one giant airport where flights take off and land every second of the life?

Is it possible to control thoughts floating around the brain?

Can you control your mind? Can you describe a restricted area in the brain and make it your time out space where thoughts are not allowed? Like dogs and women at Aussi pubs 30 years ago? (Ooops - was it ME saying that?!?

Whenever a thought lands another thought must take off. Who is the leader organizing the chaos? Is the decision based on chance or is there a carefully planned course? Am I Homer Simpson or Billy Butt?

If I drink too much, will the brain end up floating around in liqour? Will it explode?

Is the brain a desert island?

Am I blond?


Absinthe - Myths and Joy

Absinthe became a very popular drink among artists in particular in France by the end of the 19th century. However Absinthe is surrounded by myths.

For a long time it was banned from the restaurants drink lists, but recent years it's become popular again. Mainly because of the movie "Moulin Rouge".

It is trendy and decadent among rock artists and their fans to drink Absinthe in huge amounts. You get drunk faster than you can count to 3, because of the high volume of alcohol. 65-80% alcohol is the norm.

The main herbs used to produce Absinthe is Grande W
ormwood, Anise and Fennel. - Which explains why some people compares Absinthe with drugs. Wormwood in itself is pure poison.

When we think of Absinthe we think of a green coloured fluid. However another very popular Absinthe is the Spanish Serpis Absenta, which is abricot coloured. The alcohol volume that Serpis Absenta holds is just 55%.

The drink should be enjoyed as a normal long drink. Whether it's the green or the red Absinthe you choose to drink, take the opportunity to serve it the traditional way with sugar and water. Don't drink it pure, and don't put fire to a glas of Absinthe. It'll explode in your face. - And frankly there are better ways to meet the New Year than in a hospital bed!

The only way to find out if Absinthe is a myth or just an ordinary drink is to try it out.

If you want to learn more about Absinthe check out the following website:



Hyperenergy and other obstacles: Hypercreativity or just too much booze?


Hypercreativity or just too much booze?

Anyone who reads the entertainment news are well familiar with Dita. She is an example of a completely faked pin-up from the 1950'ies. However she does it very good. I don't want to call her beautiful, but she has an interesting look.

Unfortunately for Dita she got herself a copycat. Not a very good one to be honest, but a copycat she has.

It's not hilarious - it's pathetic. No matter which excuse you can come up with.

To copy another woman who is still alive, that's never a good idea. Actually it's one of the 7 death sins.

Imagine what would have happened if anyone had tried to copy Mae West. Do you think they would have gotten away with it, without a fight? - Hardly.

On the album "Eat me, Drink me" there is a track called "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery"

Let's for a moment pretend that it is Dita who performs this song

Hey! There's no rules today.
You steal instead of borrow.
You take all the shapes that I make.
And you think
That you thought
All the thoughts
That I thought you,Don't you?
Mutilation's the most
Sincere form of flattery.
If you want to be me,Then stand in line like the rest.
Now, do you know what I mean?
The young get less bolder
The legends get older
But I stay the same
As long as you have less to say
Do you think that I wouldn't say this?
You know that I play this better than you.
Fuck you


People and People

Blogging is high fashion. Everybody blogs. Including me.

Some woman labored over bloggers who have less than 100 readers a day. She thought they should lay down their efforts. She claimed that it is ridiculous to write for oneself. I think she has misunderstood the whole concept of blogging.

I blog because I need to discuss and ventilate issues on my mind. I don't have others but my husband to talk to, so naturally I find other ways. And the blog is the ultimate solution. I don't have to be perfect in writing and grammar, and I don't have to be a journalist to get my thoughts printed in a newspaper - even if it's just a web paper.

Another vey important reason is, that I can be as provocative as I wish to be in my blog and write about anything I like, even subjects that can be categorized as taboo. The risk of getting a hand grenade through my windows is below Zero. Because I choose to use a synonym when blogging. I'm not sissy, just being practical.

A lot of celebrities are blogging. And to be honest, they've got as little to say or as much to say - depending which side you're on - as I have, but since they are famous, they get a lot of readers. But what is the difference between a celebrity blogger and a blogger from the real world? Yeah, sure, I might not be an expert in fashion. But hey! How many celebrities are? They leave it to their stylists to pick and dress, right?!?

I can be nice and I can be mean. The blog is the free place for the free word. My free space, where I can let loose and ignore the consequences.

So you, woman who told me to quit. I have to disappoint you. I'm not quitting. Because your opinion is indifferent to my well-being. I don't care about your opinion because your attitude insinuates that some are better than others. And that makes me indignant.

Slipknot at "Hovet", Stockholm, November 12, 2008


Marilyn Manson at "Hovet", Stockholm, December 15, 2008

Asta Talks: Strangers on a train

Asta Talks: Strangers on a train


Strangers on a train

Had a very strange and in the same time uplifting experience last week when I was away on a business trip.
The train journey took almost 6 hours all in all, and halfway there was a 15 minute stop at a local railway station. So I went out to get some fresh air (coming out of a cigarette). While standing there on the platform minding my own business, a young man came over to me and initiated a conversation. He was not a day older than 23, so I was actually wondering if he was blind, talking to a stranger of the opposite sex 20 years older than him.

However, I am open minded, so I talked to him.

It turned out that the reason why he wanted to talk to me was that he had personal problems and needed to speak to a total stranger for a good advice. So I gave him advice, and he was happy.

I thought it all through, because it does happen from time to time that complete strangers come forward and ask me for advice. I think it has to do with my friendly face and body language. Come to think of it, it's actually very flattering.

So think twice next time a stranger talks to you. Be open minded. It could be someone who just wants a chunk of your life experience. - It confirms that you are probably wise. And after all - being considered wise is the ultimate form of flattery.

“Flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies.”


Luckily John McCain did not become the President of the USA. Which is a relief, because what would happen if he died? - We would have seen Sarah Palin sworn in as president, and that would have been a step back to ancient times where women had no rights and was completely under the control of fathers and husbands. A horrifying thought!

Of course the conservative, religious right in USA is mourning, but for the sake of the world, it's best to avoid such failures as voting McCain into office.

It's significant that America finally decided to quit the era of the war heroes. Hopefully this will lead to a better understanding and wider development of the European Thought.

It's interesting, that America see itself as the worlds leading democracy. With reference to the voting system in America, it's difficult for me to understand why. How can anyone call the system democratic, when it's possible to influence the outcome with votes not belonging to registered voters?

That sounds more like Chinese democracy to me. .......

I sometimes get the feeling that Americans find it extremely difficult to actually understand and accept other cultures and ideas.

Americans travel to Europe on How-fast-can-we-see Europe-in-10 days trips. And wonder why we speak so many different languages in Europe. But you seem to overlook the fact that Europe developed over several thousand years and is influenced by African, Middle East and Asian cultures. Cultures that has been mixed together and made us what we are today. For a European it is only refreshing with different lifestyles and languages. Most Europeans speak more than one language. Personally I speak 3 languages fluently and a fourth whenever I get a chance to practice.

You voted for a vide-president who thought that Africa was a country. That´s scarry!


Asta Talks: Miss Winty rocks

Asta Talks: Miss Winty rocks

Miss Winty rocks

Back to reality it is time to reflect over Wednesdays events.

I am not a professional concert reviewer. But having read the reviews (not sure if I dare call them that) of the Meat Loaf concert in Sweden, I feel I need to clarify a couple of things.

It's very obvious to me, that the audience at this concert is way over their middel age. I am probably the second youngest in the audience, Miss Winty is the youngest. It's also very obvious to me, that it was quite many years ago (if ever) the majority of the audience visited a rock concert. Which means that they don't really understand the concept of rock concerts.

Unfortunately neither do the reviewers of the Swedish Press, but that does not surprise me at all. I already experienced that after the latest Marilyn Manson concert in Stockholm, and the problem seems to be that the reviewer might have listened to a song with the artist, understood that the artist is able to sing and that the artist might have a message. However, that doesn't necessarily means that the reviewer de facto understands the message, the theme or the show. Which then, in their own opinion, seems to give reviewers some sort of right to insult not only the artist, but also the audience.

Apart from this, it seems to be the reviewers opinion, that what you hear whenever you listen to the artists album also is what you will hear live. And that is exactly what you can expect if you go to a pop concert with Backstreet Boys (just an example, no offense). Because that is pop and in the world of pop playback is normality. - However, we are now at a rock concert gentlemen, and the playback piano is therefore out of order!

I agree, there is something wrong with the sound. The soundtechnician who is in charge of the show shouldn't have had this job. Miss Winty points out and explains all the mistakes. - It is almost a relief for me that she didn't bother to invite her soundtechnician boyfriend Freddie Ant as well. - On the other hand that might have given the news media something else to write about.

The concert hall is way too oversized for the number of people being present. There ought to have been proper embowerment. Not to mention the parquett floor!!!! that should have been covered as well. The sound ends up in the empty space and it is impossible to separate lead guitars from song. Big mistake! And such a shame, because the musicians on stage are superb. Noone in the audience (not to mention the reviewers) seems to realise who Kasim Sultan is. He's just one of the greatest bass guitarists there is. Even Patti Russo faces difficulties getting through. It's not supposed to be like this!
The soundtechnician ought to have done something about this. And he had time to fix it. At least during the afternoon soundcheck, he ought to have discovered the problems with the concert hall and solved these problems. That's what he gets paid for. Too bad that he chose to put this on his to be ignored list.

But nevermind. Inside the restroom area downstairs it sounds very well. That's where I choose to be during the song You took the words right out of my mouth.

There really is something wrong with Meat Loafs voice. Last year he had a cyst removed from his vocal cord. - At his age it is adviceable to rest and relax for a longer period that he obviously chose to do. But this is clearly unknown information to the majority of the reviewers and to the audience.
Members of the audience have also reached the age - or they are un-experienced - where they don't understand that artists sometimes drinks before they enter stage. Meat Loaf is no exception. He is not really sober / or he is under the influence of some sort of painkilling medicine.

However some alarmbell ought to have gone off inside the head of the majority when Meat Loafs entourage moments before he is supposed to enter stage, is taping the setlist and list of lyrics at the stage floor. All the reviewers seem to have missed this, which indicates to me that reviewers might not be aware of basic facts. But Miss Winty notifies it. "Yes", she says "Metalica does the same thing, but their singer is not really well in his head either". - It's all about not being able to remember. And it's not very good when a professional artist doesn't remember his own music, either because he is intoxicated, which I think he is, or because he overall isn't at his good health.

Anyway, all these minor details causes difficulties for Mr. Meat Loaf himself. He is unable to remember the lyrics. And we can't hear him. Though he does manage to perform Bat out of Hell I reasonably well. But surely his voice is no longer the powerfull strong voice that he used to have.

The band tries to cover up for this by giving us a very entertaining show. Patti Russo and Meat Loaf works fine together. Patti Russo is tolerant and demonstrates empathi for an artist who wants to perform but no longer has his former strong ability to do so. She chooses to handle it with a good sense of humor and Meat Loaf decides to play along with her.

The reviewer from the tabloid Expressen indicates that a man at the age of 60 shouldn't be allowed to perform the song Anything for love. - That is in a nutshell exactly why I think that Expressen should get themselves a new reviewer. What is the problem? Does life end at the age of 40?

Overall the band works as a band. The show works. Patti Russos voice compensates for Meat Loafs rusty voice. She gives us the fabulous Bible and a beer solo. WOW! - The musicians are fantastic. I mean Dave Luther, Mark Alexander, John Micelli and Kasim Sultan are great! - A pitty though that the mistakes of the soundtechnician is preventing me from actually hearing how good they are at what they do.

Miss Winty demonstrates how dedicated she is to the concert concept. She doesn't complaint just because the leading singer of the band might be a bit drunk, or because he has a problem with his voice or his memory. Miss Winty is tolerant. Her favorite band Bullets for my Valentine has a lead singer who can't sing. Basicly because he only has one lung, which makes live performances with that band to an interesting experience. But it doesn't matter, because that's not what a rock concert is about. It is about the whole. And both she and I are overall satisfied with the whole.

I give 1 star for the musicians and for Patti Russo and 1 star for the show.

I think it is a shame that Meat Loaf decided to do this tour. Somebody ought to have talked him out of it, because he isn't at a good health, and good health is what an artist need for this type of job. I would have liked not to see such a star fail. Having said that, because I feel in my heart that this is the end of touring for Meat Loaf, I am happy that I was there. I wouldn't have been without it.
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